Wednesday, January 8, 2014

School Health Initiative in Bangalore

The School Health Program is defined as “the school procedures that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the health of pupils and school personnel including health services healthful living and health education”.
school health program india
But to speak the truth our school hardly ever has a well defined School Health Programme incidentally the teaching about health is done while treating other subjects of the curriculum -such as physiology, hygiene and biology. The approach to these subjects is so academic that they are considered to be important from the ‘examination point of view’ and have very little effect on actual health practices and attitudes.

school health program

school health screening india

school oral health program

But in general, school health education should be integrated with all the activities in the curriculum. It should be a part and parcel of the chili’s daily life. It must include the whole life of the child taking in to consideration his relationship with the school community as well as the community outside the school. 
  1. The promotion of positive health;
  2. The prevention of diseases;
  3. Early diagnosis, treatment and follow up of defects;
  4. Awakening health consciousness in children:  

How to start off CSR Programs in Community Health Care for your Company ?
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  3. Choose the one which you would like to promote.
  4. We’ll discuss the plan and provide you reports/results on how we conducted. 
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