Sunday, December 20, 2015

School Health Process | Karnataka State, India

School Health Program Process being implemented by Trinity Care Foundation;

The team will cover Government schools in Karnataka state, India and undertake the following activities:

  1. Pre-screening of students for height, weight, skin, eye, dental, cardiac, caries, oral lesions, facial deformities, etc.,
  2. Facilitating medical intervention for those shortlisted through the pre-screening.
  3. Impart awareness on health issues,adolescent health, hand-washing, ill effects of tobacco and tooth brushing techniques to students of government schools.
  4. Undertake training for teachers and health workers to carry forward the work.
  5. Digital capture of data of each child.
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Equitable child health care

In a vast country like India, the need for ensuring a healthy and dynamic future for a large populace and creating a developed society, agile and able to compete with the rest of the world, stands as of paramount importance. More info...

The dream of such a healthy and developed society can be achieved through concerted efforts and initiatives undertaken in a systematic manner at all levels. Equitable child health, care and early detection and treatment can be the most pragmatic initiative, or rather solution, at this juncture!

The Child Health Screening and Early Intervention Services will also translate into economic benefits in the long run. Timely intervention would not only halt the condition to deteriorate but would also reduce the out-of-pocket expenditure of the poor and the marginalised population in the country.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

School Health Initiative in Bangalore | Doctors Needed

Doctors { MBBS, MD & BDS, MDS } with experience of 0-3 years needed for School Health initiative in Government Schools in and around Bangalore, Karnataka.

Doctors who can give Commitment of Decent period can only apply. Those Passionate in Public Health are Welcome ! Remuneration : Salary plus perks (will be discussed during interview).

Interested Doctors/Dentists/Health Educator's Kindly send your Resume to " " with Subject "SHP Bangalore". Interview for shortlisted Professionals & Doctors will be held in May First Week, 2015. Trinity Care Foundation is founded by Doctor's !!!

Trinity Care Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Bangalore focused on Craniofacial Surgeries, School Health Programs and Outreach Health Programs for the Underprivileged Sections of the Society.

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